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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Nonni and Her Middies

 A while ago I wrote about my Great-Grandmother Hazel Prudence Palmer Chriswisser, or Nonni as we called her.  She was beyond fabulous in every way, shape and form, and I really miss her.  This lady is another of the inspirations for my making a Sailor Dress/Middy blouse from the years surrounding WWI.  You see, she wore several and I have photographic proof of how adorable she was in them!

Here we see Nonni, on the left, in a white middy with a dark skirt.  My mom and I always know who she is in the picture before we even see her face because of her riotous hair!  It was known to be very uncontrollable!  check out her shoes!!  The dress on Nonni's friend is pretty fabulous as well!

Here, Nonni is wearing a white outfit with a HUGE bow.  I wonder if it is a blue, red or black bow!  Her skirt buttons up the front and has two front pockets!  Don't know who the dashing gent next to her is, but he is handsome!  It may have been her soon to be Brother-in-Law....

This picture makes me happy.  Hazel and her fiance Herbert Chriswisser, my Great-Grandfather.  He was quite the handsome young man!

This picture makes me smile so much!  Herbert and Hazel are wearing their middys and a sailor's hats.  Too much fun!

Mom thinks that Nonni is wearing Herbert's Naval uniform.  I am inclined to agree with her!  What a fun thing to do!  You can see her white shoes peeking out from the pants!

Nonni told Mom that she had this picture taken for Grandad when he was away on a training mission.  She was saying "Come home to me!"  How utterly and completely adorable!!  And look at her boots!!!

Another wonderful outfit.  Possibly a blue middy with a white skirt.  Love the hat and that parasol!!!

Just for fun, here is Herbert and Hazel at the sea shore!  LOVE love love her swimming suit and check out those bathing shoes!!

Grandad in one of his Naval uniforms.  He was incredibly kind and loving.  Mom has one of his uniform scarves, though she won't tell me where it is... Gee....I wonder why!!!  Bwahahahahaha!!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing more of who inspires me in the things that I do.  Nonni was a dear lady to me and was instrumental in setting me on my path to loving all things from the past.

Be blessed my friends!


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