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Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Season Macarons!

I really must apologize for writing so many posts on my new passion...French Macarons.  But as I said in previous posts, once my OCD bug bites me, it is hard to get over the itch.  To that end, yesterday and today I spent trying out two new recipes.  On Saturday, my Mama is co-hostessing a Christmas Tea at her house and I have volunteered to make some macs for her get together.

Three flavors that I associate with Christmas and Yule Time are Candy Canes, Hot Cocoa, and Eggnog.  Mmmmmm.....

Sitting by a fire, wrapped up in a blanket, reading a nice book and sipping hot chocolate with a candy cane in it while the snow falls gently to the ground is such a lovely image for me!  Therefore, I was ecstatic when I came across this on the internet...

Chocolate Macaron Recipe from The Messy Cook.  I followed the recipe pretty closely, the only deviation being adding a lot of powdered sugar to the filling as it was too runny.  I rolled them in crushed candy cane and took a bite!  

At my taste bud's first encounter, there was a most fabulous burst of peppermint party followed closely by a wonderful, velvety, chocolate, concoction oozing out from between the perfectly crunchy/chewy combination from the shell!  My tongue was under the impression that it had died and gone to pastry heaven and it did not care to return to normalcy!  Needless to say, I will be making this recipe many, many times.

For cuteness, I used the top cover of an antique Christmas Tree Topper to hold the chocolate macs.  What a fun way to package some for a gift!

These pictures were taken at 11:30 last night.  Yes, I actually went to the garage, dug out my Christmas dishes and brought them in for this photo shoot...oh ya...and I made hot cocoa!  Then drank it...

These are so incredibly beyond delicious!!!

Eggnog.  I wait all year for fall to arrive because it brings with it crisp air, beautiful leaves, cooler evenings, pumpkins, apples, canning, Halloween....



Oh I know I can make my own, but it just doesn't taste as good as the store bought stuff.  I usually have to hide it in the fridge or my children will drink the whole carton!!!  So, I was seriously thrilled when I found a recipe for Eggnog macs!!

South Beach has this recipe: Eggnog French Macarons

I made them today and the filling tastes like solid eggnog!!  Seriously!!!  Again, my tongue felt like it had died and gone to heaven!  I could not believe it!  It may have something to do with the fact that the recipe calls for actual eggnog in the ingredients list and nutmeg too.

Eggnog in a glass and Eggnog in a cookie!!  What more could you ask for?

It was a fun change sprinkling nutmet on top of the damp shells!


Last year my Mama bought this reproduction candy tin for me.  I thought it would be fun to put the macs in it and take their picture!!

Wouldn't something like this make a fun gift for a teacher, neighbor or friend!!

Well, I hope if any of you plan on attempting these delicious cookies, try these recipes!  I believe you will not be sorry!!!




  1. Replies
    1. Ha!! I know Lauren! I am shameless! They were so very divine tasting!!! Thanks!

  2. Haha, Gina, you should start your own cafe - for not only your macarons look yummy, but you know how to set everything on the table to make them look even better! And I love how you randomly went out in the middle of the night because you needed your Christmas dishes to take the pics :D

    1. OMG SERIOUSLY how is it even possible I haven't noticed your photo on the contest page? Like really I've been visiting it several times a day since it has begun and haven't seen it until now! Gorgeous! It's good the votes don't matter anymore, or I would be feeling guilty right now!

    2. Wasn't that a shame what happened with the contest? I feel so bad for Lauren! I loved the dress you chose to enter!! So beautiful!

      I am such a geek when it comes to photographing things. I like to imagine myself being a great photographer! hahahaha!! My Dad calls me the Kodak Queen...This calls for a Tiara right? And my geekiness always requires odd things of middle of the night finding of things to photograph! hahahaha!! Thank you!

  3. Crushed candy cane on macarons! What a wonderful idea! I am salivating!

    1. Oooooh Laura...these are so utterly divine!!! Just enough taste of everything to make your tastebuds happy!