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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

1863 Underwear: Drawers

Right then!!!  First order of business for my 1863 outfits for the Idaho Sesquicentennial was drawers.  JoAnn's was having a  Simplicity 5 for 5 sale a while ago and I decided that I decided to get this pattern:  Simplicity 2890.  After doing research on 1860s drawers, these looked like they would be a wonderful choice.  I especially liked the fact that the waistband was a pointed yolk.  The large opening in the crotch was another benefit.  Laugh, sputter, gasp, and blush all you want, but when you have to go "make water" NOW and you have layers and layers of underthings on AND a corset, you won't be laughing when you have a large opening!  hahahahahaha!!!  The sweet tucks on the bottom of the leg was also another thing that caught my eye.

Finished product.  Drawers of 100% cotton.  I really like how these fit.  Very comfortable!

Close up of the tucks at the bottom and the antique lace for trim.

All in all I loved this pattern!  The finished drawers looked exactly as shown on the pattern envelope.  It was rather easy to put together.  The fit is lovely and the fact that all the seams are flat felled is marvelous!  No raw edges to be seen!!!  Huzzah!!!

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