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Thursday, April 7, 2016

The BEST Day Ever!!

Part 1

Yesterday was the best day ever in quite a long time!!  You see, I finally got to meet in person a lady and fellow blogger whom I have been following for a while, Kristen Stoltzfus.  When I started thinking hard about making more vintage style dresses, I stumbled across her blog, Verity Vintage Studio and loved everything she made!  Not only are her dresses fabulous, but so is her hair and her hats and her purses and her gloves and her everything!!  I was so thrilled when she won the photo contest that Emily's Vintage Visions held last fall.  Her outfit was so deserving and inspirational!

We had been corresponding via email for several months, discussing patterns and vintage things, when last week (or the week before) she told me she would be in my neck of the woods and would I like to get together with her?  Oh my giddy aunt would I!!!  I offered to take her to my favorite antique store and suggested a place for lunch.

You know when you have been separated from a friend for a long time, and then you get back together and it seems like you were never apart?  Well, for me when we first met, it was exactly like that.  Her sweet smile and lovely disposition were so welcoming and we fell into conversation as if we had been doing so forever!

 Our first stop was lunch at Flatbread Pizza in Meridian.  I had my favorite, a giardini panini and tomato basil soup....heaven!!!  Kristen had a salad and flatbread...can't remember what it was and of course I forgot to take pictures of our food!  (We'll just have to remember that for next time...)

After lunch, it was off to the Antique World Mall.  I think Kristen liked it as much as I do!  We probably spent at least 2 hours looking at all the wonderful things that the building has nestled within its confines.  I was delighted when she spent quite a bit of time in two of my personal favorite booths!  Great minds and all....All too soon our time was over.  I had a wonderful time getting to know Kristen more and chatting about many things.  I cannot wait until she is in my neck of the woods again!!  There are more restaurants and antique stores to descend upon!

Being silly in one of the best booths at the store.  The dealer has wonderful vintage patterns and some very delightful vintage and antique sewing, baby and household items.  This time of year, the color scheme is in soft pastel colors...makes my antique heart pitter patter with joy!

A more serious image of us.  Next time I'll remember to have more pictures of us taken!  Kristen's outfit was fabulous with the sweet buttons and lovely flower brooch!  The color was beautiful and she looked totally vintage.  Her hair, of course, was perfection!

Can't wait until next time dear lady!!!

Part 2

After I got home from my fabulous afternoon with Kristen, my sweet Mama came over.  This past weekend she and my Daddy had been in Washington and Mom and been shopping at some antique stores.  She found some incredible things for me and gifted me with them!!  Huzzah for awesome shops and an awesome Mama!

One of the things she found for me was this incredible 1920s beaded bride's headpiece that resembles these...

Bellezza Storia Livejournal (scroll down until you come to the part about Kokoshnik  headpieces)

She had sent me a picture of it and I was like, "That's lovely!"  But when I saw it in person, I couldn't contain my excitement!  Huzzah!!  "Do you know what this is?!!!" I asked her!  I then set about finding photos of lovely 1920s brides wearing their "kokoshnik" headpieces!  It still has some very brittle waxed orange blossoms on the sides and two on the front.  The beading is not only on the front but it is fully beaded on the back as well. Crazy!

I would have loved to have seen this on the bride.  I can picture her wearing the fluff of tulle like the lady is sporting in this image from Fashion Era

You can really see the sweet orange blossoms here.  I so wish they were in better condition!

Close ups of the beading.  There are round pearlized beads and smaller iridescent seed beads.   

Mom also found this sweet heart of silk that I believe could have been a favor handed out at a wedding.  I have seen similar ones for sale on eBay and Etsy that were part of wedding decoration groups.  It's too thin to be a pin cushion, so Mom and I decided that a wedding favor it would be!

She was also on the look out for antique cake toppers and while this one is vintage and not very old, she said, "It looks like the one I had and you need one to get you started!"  Sound reasoning to me!  I love it and think it is sweet!

She also picked up this hat.  We have both decided it to be the most ridiculous hat as it is exceedingly small but the feathers are huge!!

That little velvet thing peeking out of the feathers?  Yaaaa...that's the size of the hat.

See how small?  I don't know if it was for a little girl or a large doll or if a lady just decided that this would be "the thing", but we find it fun!

Yesterday was such a fun day and I so didn't want it to end.  I am thrilled that I made a wonderful new friend and that we plan on getting together again.  Huzzah!  I am blessed that I have such an incredible Mama and that she thinks of me even when she is away.  Who do you have in your life who blesses you beyond measure?

Now if my allergies will leave me alone and not turn into a cold, I will be most pleased indeed!

Coming soon, pictures of the fencing outfit I finally completed....

Blessings to you my friends!


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  1. Oh how wonderful!! I love having the chance to meet people in person! If you are ever in the New England area please let me know. There are lots of great antique places to check out and all kinds of fun events!