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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Again With the Planning....

I have been furiously sewing away on my 1916 outfit using Wearing History's 1910s Suit Jacket pattern and am almost done with the outfit.  Just need to complete a petticoat so the skirt will stand out correctly before I photograph the whole ensemble and share it with you.  Oh, and I need to desecrate an antique fur hat to make it more 1916...maybe, we'll see if I can go through with it.

Anyhoo, while I am completing that, I thought I'd share some of the projects I have in the plan/collect all the things/design files for future outfits.  The historical clothing education group I am a part of, We Wear Idaho History (we have changed our name to reflect our love and passion for Idaho!!!) is expanding our fashion show variety to encompass different styles and genres of historical dress.  To that end, I am going to be making outfits that will be useful in the shows, ones that I have had on my "will make before I die" list for quite a long while and darn it!!!  I totally have an "excuse" to make them now.  Like I totally need an excuse!  Bwhahahahahaha!!!!!  I'll also share my Pinterest pages where I get my inspiration! 

1890s Wedding Gown

I was vacillating between making a bustle gown or an 1890s gown, but the '90s won out.  I have some really lovely dark cream silk dupioni that literally shines and I wanted the loveliness of the fabric to not be impeded by pleats and shirring.  Plus, the 1890s just make me smile

Inspiration for the wedding dress...Love the typical '90s sleeves and the sweep of the skirt!!!

Pinterest board:  Weddings Old Style

Late 1890s Maternity Gown

For some odd reason, I have always wanted to make a Victorian maternity gown!  Probably because I started making these dresses after my last son was a year old and therefore never got to make a dress for when I was pregnant.  So, I am seriously excited to make one now!  I had been thinking about what era to make the dress...Bustle?  1860s?  A wrapper?  When the solution solved itself for me!  I had purchased a teens era skirt and 1916 dress pattern on eBay and the seller said she would throw in another pattern she had laying around because she wanted to get rid of it.  I said, "Cool with me!" not knowing what pattern she had in mind.  Low and behold, when I opened the package I was gobsmacked to discover what lay in its confines.....A ladies House Jacket pattern that was literally PERFECT for a late 1890s maternity dress!!!  My mind was blown!  I had seen Empress Alexandra's maternity gown from when she was pregnant with Grand Duchess Maria and thought it a lovely confection!!!  I was laughing hysterically at the craziness of it all, and once again I was gifted with worried and quizzical stares from my children... 

Empress Alexandra's maternity gown.  Isn't it gorgeous!  I will be on the look out for some ivory and pink (I could just die from the girliness of it all!!!) fabric and of course the lace.

Pinterest Board:  Maternity Clothing of Long Ago

So fabulous pattern that will be used to make Empress Alexnadra's gown!  Sooooooooo excited!!!

1890s Bicycle Outfit

I have wanted to make one of these since I first stared making Victorian clothing, but something else always got in the way.  But NOW, now it will be made.  Probably next year, but it will be made!  I have the fabric and the patterns and so now there is no excuse!  I love the thought of an outfit specially designed for a lady to ride her bicycle!!!  Go lady go!!!!!

I don't remember where I found this particular image, but I do know I have a paper doll book that has the image in it!  I LOVE This dress!  It is so beautiful in its simplicity!!!  Can't wait to make this baby come to life!!!

Edited:  Source:  Museum of Play

Riding Habit

In the past I have made two riding habits, wore them to have pictures taken, and then for some idiotic reason, sold them.  ACK!!! What was I thinking?  I have no idea.  But after finding some fabulous dark forest green Pendleton wool at a thrift store (on the factory cardboard for heavens sake and for $5.99 for it all!!!) I knew exactly what would be made of it.  The below fabulousness.....

I just love how gorgeous this green riding habit is!  And I already have the hat to go with it!!  Huzzah!!!

Source:  The MET

Pinterest Board:  Riding Habits of Long Ago

1917 Military Inspired Dress

This had been on my "That's really cool, but I have no idea how I am going to make it because there are no patterns available in my size" list for quite a while when Lauren of Wearing History came out with her 1910s jacket pattern.  I knew exactly what I would make when I saw the pattern and my heart got seriously happy that day!!!  I love the tailored look of the whole thing and can't wait to get to it!  I have the fabric ready and waiting.  It was going to be made for Costume College last year and I can't remember why it wasn't.  But soon my pretty...sooooooon.....

Ok, I also have the pith helmet and shoes!  Squee!!  Cannot WAIT!!!

1920s Aviatrix/Explorer

Several years ago, I acquired a pair of antique Jodhpurs that, at the time, there was not a snowball's chance in the outer reaches on hell I was ever going to get into.  Not even if I lathered myself with butter and olive oil and jumped into them from atop my roof.  Then I lost weight and low and behold.....THEY FIT!!!!!  I scared Rosie dog who was minding her own business, sleeping on my bed with my shriek of sheer happiness!  I have loved jodhpurs ever since I saw Meryl Streep wearing them in "Out of Africa" and then again when I saw the Honorable Phryne Fisher wearing some...I KNEW that I had to fit into mine.  I had considered taking my pair apart and making a pattern out of them because I could not for the life of me find a quality, pattern that really really really looked like old fashioned jodhpurs.  My conscious and my not talented pattern making brain rebelled at the idea of taking the vintage pair apart...thankfully.  I did purchase the Folkwear pattern for the 1920s equestrian jodhpurs but was still not happy.  Thankfully, I can now wear the originals!!!  

I didn't know if I wanted to be an explorer from the late teens/1920s or an Aviatrix when a chance encounter at a thrift store settled the debate.  I found an antique aviator's leather cap for $7.00.  I stood in the store in silence, trying to contain the great WHOOP of excitement attempting to escape my lips.  I think I did a very admirable job as I paid for my cap, a 1940s brown leather purse and a 1950s parasol, keeping my emotions under control!!  Hahahahahaha!!!  

I have been wanting some riding/hiking boots that laced up the front but didn't have a zipper for a long while and wasn't having any success finding some that were in my budget.  Happily, I won the bid on a pair on eBay.  When they came, I donned them along with my shorts and T-shirt and paraded around the house like an idiot, much to the delight of my niece and nephew.  I am so totally fostering the personality of the Eccentric Old Aunt.

I am still on the look out for a bomber jacket, but was consoled with the fact that there are many images of Aviatrix's lady pilots with out them.  

Dorky, excited me taking a selfie to send to my friend Josie...I was seriously ecstatic!!!

I am also loving this image of Lady Edith Crawley's Bicycle outfit....

Source:  fanpop

Pinterest Pages:  Jodhpurs

Oh!!!  And check out Nabby's Aviatrix Costume!!!  She is pretty rockin' in this get up AND she made her own bomber jacket!!  Huzzah!!

1840s Mourning Gown

Every October, I attempt to make a mourning gown from a different era.  This year, I have decided, thanks in part to all the Jane Eyre movies, to make an 1840s mourning gown!  I am so excited! This will be the outfit I work on next.  A whole new suite of underwear will have to be made to go along with it...darn it!!!  hahahahah!!!  I am so very excited!!  I already have the black wool that I purchased in Vancouver, BC years ago, and the pattern...just need to get started!!!

I love the simple and elegant lines of this dress!

1860s Elliptical Hoop 

To add to my " I would really love to have a dress from every era starting with the Regency Era" dreams, I am "needing" to make an elliptical hoop and all that goes along with it.  I found some lovely plaid wool at the thrift store one day and think it would be fabulous with a zouave jacket!  I will have to make an elliptical cage which I am soooooo not looking forward to, but that's totally ok.  I'll get over it!!!

For some reason, this style of dress is really lovely to my eyes!  This outfit, however, is a ways down on my to do list!!!

Well, that's all I have in the way of planning so far.  Again, if I write it down for the world wide web to see, it's "out there" and I now have to make it....right?

Have a wonderfully blessed day my friends!  I'm off to make a petticoat!!



  1. As one Squirrel to another; I had the same plan to make something from every decade, mostly 1800s, but then suddenly it turned into a Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter (hah! we don't GET Winter here) outfit. And then there's the different genres (mourning, riding, bedtime).
    Good luck. Carry on.
    BTW, the cream 1890s is cheating on her dress. The HUGE sleeves are squished down in the middle. But I LIKE IT!

    1. I too want to have dresses from the different genres....that's fun that our goals are similar!! I hadn't thought of the seasons. Thanks Val..... Hahaha!! There are several squished sleeves from the '90s in the wedding board. I have a blouse that I made from then that has squished sleeves. The different texture is intriguing!! Thanks for the squirrel image by the way!! I'll add that here when I get on my computer!

  2. Ooh, I'm so excited for all your projects! Also, you are definitely making me want an 1890s bicycling outfit...

    Are you planning on coming/wearing any of this to Port Townsend this year?

    1. You should totally make a bicycle outfit!!! I didn't believe we will be returning to Port Townsend next year. It would be fun to attend again, but probably not....

  3. i REALLY can't wait for the 1840s dress because i've had a similar project on my to-do list for a while (something to use up some of my 26 yards of $5 silk taffeta...). woo hoo!!!

    1. Are you kidding me!!!!????? Where did you find silk taffeta for $5 a yard and do you need any help using it up? Because I can totally lend you a hand!!! Hahaha!! I can't wait to see your 1840s dress!!

    2. it was a CRAZY sale from fabric mart online! they did it twice i think...

    3. I am so keeping my eye on them now!! That's craziness in a fabulous way!!!

  4. Your friend Josie LOVES getting excited Gina photos txt'd to her! Always makes my day (that was a particularly good one!)
    Fun plans! So much to do- woot! The Bicycle outfit might need to come when you visit- covered bridge and bike riding photo shoot!!!
    I am not planning but I am making lots o' decisions and cleaning and sorting ALL the things- feels so good to KNOW where things are at last. Rock on!

  5. Hahahaha!! And I love that you rejoice with my findings!!! Oh, I think the bicycle will indeed come for the visit...I so cannot wait for the covered bridge photos!!! And bravo on your sorting and cleaning!!! You are a rock star!

  6. Wow, I love your antique jodhpurs! They're so lovely! Actually I'm planning to sew ones myself :) All of your projects seem quite exciting - can't wait to see them brought to life!

    1. Huzzah for you making your own pair! I cannot wait until you make them!!