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Thursday, February 7, 2013

1863 Underwear: Petticoat

I think I have lost my mind.  In fact I am pretty sure I have.  You see, I just can't do things the simple way.  Oh no.  I have to make things extra hard on myself.  Take for instance this petticoat.  I LOVE the look of this one....Simplicity 9764.  It is beautiful and soft looking and uber feminine, and it was truly not hard to make.  But was that good enough?  NO!!!  I had to choose to not purchase the eyelet lace, but rather make my own flounce.  What's wrong with that you may ask?  Well, nothing if I had simply made a ruffle flounce.  Nope....not me!  I had to go and pleat the flounce.  I am a sucker for punishment I guess.  But I love the way it turned out!!!

Simplicity 9764
This pattern was wonderful to use!  The tucks were very time consuming, but I think that can totally be explained away by the colossal quantities of fabric involved!  And I did have to use the back skirt yoke off of Simplicity 3272.  This petticoat pattern is for use with a perfectly cylindrical cage crinoline, not the Truly Victorian TV142 that slopes outward in the back.  After adding the back skirt yoke, the back of the petticoat was the exact same distance on the hoop as the front. 

The fabulous fabric I found.  It is the softest cotton....not a crisp cotton, but a really soft one...I got it at a thrift store by the way!!  Love it!!

Here she is in all her tucked and pleated glory!  I so cannot wait to try this baby on and see how she sways!!!  Can you tell I am getting excited about this project?  Yeah!!!


  1. wow that is beautiful and it hurts just looking at it, I can feel the hours sucking right out of the day just thinking about it!

  2. Oh yes...hours sucked out of two days....exactly....