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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Edwardian Corset Mock Up

Right then!  After tracing and cutting out the new size pattern....long hip...I got my mock sewn up!  I am so excited about this new corset!!  I ordered some Pistachio Silk from etsy...

and can't wait to get it and my steel so I can make this!!  I am loving the shape even though all of the bones aren't in it!!!  So are the pictures of the mock...

The lines on the left of the corset are where I estimated where I would place the bones.  I really like how the bottom curves up from the center up and out to the hips!!  How fun is this?????

Side view...obviously!  Liking this!!  Again, after the bones are in, there won't be this horrid puckering.

Oh yes!  I can't wait for this to be complete!!  

I ordered steel for an extra corset in black, that is how much I am liking this pattern!!!

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  1. Hey that fit is lookin good! Got the lilac silk today, I hope yours gets there soon too!