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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

More Curtains!!

Oh how I love thrift stores!  And what do I love about them?  Well, for this post we shall focus on their wonderful selection of curtains.  Especially if I can find silk curtains!  Silk Dupioni is not cheap.  It can be found at JoAnn's for $24.00 a yard...if you have a 50% off coupon that makes it $12.00 a yard...aaaaaand it is only 45" wide.  Sometimes I can find it for $8.00 a yard, but that is rare.  So, when I find a silk curtain panel for $4.00...I get excited!!!  Last week I found another set of silk curtain panels at Deseret Industries and thought I would put all of my silk panel dress ideas here in this post.

1884 Stripe dress by Charles Worth, Chicago History Museum

Dupioni silk Drapery panels from JCPenney found at The Idaho Youth Ranch for $4.00 a panel

Gold silk matched with black and dark ivory fabric also found at a thrift store!

1912 dress found on etsy.

Linens and Things silk drapery panels found at Deseret Industries for $4.00 a panel

Silk matched with a brown velvet dress also found at DI and my mink stole.

Wojciech Kossak - Portrait of Sophia Hoesickowej 1909

Silk Drapes by Pottery Barn found at The Idaho Youth Ranch

Lace and netting to go with the silk

Teens Era Sailor Suit

Linens and Things White silk drapes found at Savers.  I will be pairing blue silk with it for the collar, tie and cuffs!  

So, now you can see why I love thrift stores and every one I go to I check out the linens department!  You never know what you will find!


  1. Love it, I need to remember to check for curtain panels when I go out thrifting!! Love the ideas you have on the brain!! The first silk dress with black striped accent fabeic is TDF!!

  2. Thank you my friend!! Now I just need time to complete all of these ideas!!! *sigh*