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Friday, October 12, 2012

Merlot Mock Up

Mock up time!!  Well, my mock fit really well.  I did have to do the usual tweaking here and there, but on the whole it fit fabulously! The Vogue 8346 coat pattern worked wonderfully!!  Huzzah!!  I needed to make sure the the coat in the back was long enough to accommodate all the trim in the back, so I laid it out on my ironing board and went to work...

All the lovely back trim!  Swoon!!!

Here in the close up, you can see on both the right and left side, you can see the tape goes into the fabric.  I had to play around with mine to get it right....and the side panels are not sewn together right sides together, but rather a flat felled seam.

So, I sewed the seam down to where I thought the tape would disappear under the fabric.  I made a cut line and a fold line, then ironed a crease for where the flat felled seam edge would seams are super small here...I made them larger when I re-did the mock.

I pinned the seams down and anchored them to the ironing board so that when i inserted the tape, the fabric wouldn't move about.

Ha!  It worked!

Now, just make sure that everything was looking ok space wise, I also added the tape up the back slit and the buttons and soutache loops.

This part, as you can tell, took a lot of moving and writing on my mock!  I love mocks for just that reason!!! I finally got down what I needed to, everything placed to where I wanted it!!

New longer mock.  As you can see, I goofed on the left side, so just made the correct adjustments on the right!!  Now for seam ripping, ironing, and cutting out my fashion fabrics!!!

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