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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dress Inspirations: 4. Movies and TV shows

Where do I begin?  There are so many fabulous movies and TV series out there to draw inspiration from it isn't even funny!  Here are some resources that I have found most helpful when needing a lovely dose of inspiration from the media!

The Costumer's Guide

Clothes on Film

The Period Movie Review

All of these are fabulous resources for close ups of movie wardrobes!  

Titanic, The Age of Innocence, The Forsythe Saga, The Duchess, Marie Antoinette, The Madness of King George, Amazing Grace, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Emma, Vanity Fair, Mansfield Par, Wives and Daughters, The Golden Bowl, Cold Mountain, An Ideal Husband, Daniel Deronda, Anna Karenina, Bleak House, North and South, The Young Victoria....I could go on and on, but I won't.  The costume designers of these movies really know their stuff and their work is so fun to gaze upon!  So, next time you are watching one of these movies, why not pick out a dress and make it?  It can be an exact representation, a loose representation, the same style but different color, or you can choose an element that really floats your boat and assimilate it into your design!  Be creative!!!

Francis Fisher as Ruth Dewitt Bukater: Titanic
I so fell in love with her dresses!  They were so lovely and I have many of them on my "to do" list!

My loose interpretation!  Can't wait to wear it to The Museum Comes To Life!!

Winona Ryder as May Welland-Archer in The Age of Innocence.  I really like the lines of this NFE dress and the stripes on the diagonal!

My interpretation of the dress...I decided to change the bodice up a bit as I didn't really like the collar of May's dress.

Sophie Marceau as Anna Karenina in Anna Karenina (1997).  All the dresses in this movie were over the top fabulous!  I would love to re-create them all!  This dress was so very striking and awesome that I had to make it!

My version.  I had artistic license for the skirt as you can't see the skirt very well in the movie. 

Sophie Marceau as Anna Karenina in Anna Karenina (1997).  This dress looked so neat to me...the ruching and pleating just called my name!!

My interpretation in golds and olive!

I have so many "want to make" dresses from movies.  I don't know if I will ever get them all made, but looking and dreaming is so much fun!

I hope these entries have been helpful!  Those designers of old really knew how to dress a lady! 

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