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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dress Inspirations: 3. Fashion Plates Open for Interpretation

Now comes the creative part!  Many of the fashion plates that could be found in antique fashion magazines were black and white.  Sometimes they had a description of the fabrics and colors used.  Sometimes not.  When you find one that doesn't have a description, it is your chance to let those creative juices flow!

1897 Walking suit.  I fell in love with all the wonderful accents on this outfit and had to make it!

From "Victorian Fashions A Pictorial Archive" by Carol Belanger Grafton

I was shopping at Hancock Fabrics one day and spotted this most fantastic steel blue taffeta.  It was shot with a very pale tan and had square dots (that's the only way I can think to describe them) scattered through out the fabric.  I bought it, took it home, and began laying fabrics over it that I thought would make a nice accent color.  The second I laid the brown taffeta on it, I knew that was the one!

1896 HUGE leg o' mutton sleeves!  Love them.  Also loved all the lace flowing down the front of this jacket!

  From "Victorian Fashions A Pictorial Archive" by Carol Belanger Grafton

I found this fabric at my Home Fabrics store.  The lace is antique.

I have had a very long love affair with Sailor/Nautical dresses.  This one is a bit different, but I loved it anyway.  I had purchased some tan with red polka dot fabric and was in need of some inspiration!

La Mode Illustree 1897

Here is the completed dress.  The hat is different, but the dress is very similar.

NFE Greek goddess masquerade dress.  I love this image.  It is so fun and since I really like Greek fashion AND Victorian fashion, I think this is a fabulous joining of the two!

My color combination choice!  There is a myriad of color combinations that could have been used for this fashion plate!

NFE ball gown.

My interpretation.  I think I was a little crazy when I made this...pleating, beading, ruching...Oh my!!!  But the spirit of the fashion plate came through I think!

"Open for interpretation" fashion plates are fun.  If you love to work with color combos, it is a great creative outlet.  If you have trouble with seeing how well colors can get along together, it will be an exercise in thinking outside the box!  Choose a black and white plate and have fun! 

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