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Monday, July 2, 2012

Mom's Wire Frame Hat is Complete!!!

Huzzah!!  I believe all is ready for our outing today!  If it isn't....well, I have a wonderful stockpile of safety pins!!!  Yesterday, at about 4:00 in the p.m., I finished Mom's hat for her sailor suit.  My hands, wrists, and elbows are so angry with my right now!  Ugh!!!  Getting old really is for the birds.  Anyhoo, here it is.  I will be doing a "tutorial" on how I make a wire frame hat in the next few days....or later.  I am not sure if I like all the stuff on the hat, but for now, this is how it shall be worn.  I may like it a lot once it is on Mom's head....

Again, I am not sure if there isn't too much frippery on the hat.  I really wanted the swirly stuff to be seen and with the feather and bow, you really can't see it.....But I can always fiddle with it after today.

Problem solved....I just now went and clipped the threads holding the feather to the middle of the hat and moved the feather more towards the back.  Of course you can't see it as I haven't photoed it yet....I'll do that for the tutorial!  Now I really like it!  Hahahahaha!!!  I think it's funny how a simple adjustment of a feather can make things right!  

The lace is antique.  It was from a panel of lovely tulle like material with the lace (chain lace as my wonderful friend Josie informed me) sewn onto it.  

Underside of the hat.  Made to raise the hat up so that it just perches on top of the Edwardian coiffure.  3 hours and counting until we set out for our day on the town!!  Can't wait!!!

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