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Monday, July 16, 2012

Little Girls Like to Dress Too!!!

I have three wonderful nieces.  Gracie who is 9 almost 10, Lizzie who is 5, and Hallie who is 5.  We call ourselves the "IE" girls as they call me Auntie and all our names end in ie...too cute! They are so awesome and fun to be around! make costumes for!  Two years ago, I made them all a suite of underwear, a chemise and drawers.  Gracie even got a corset.  Then I made us all dresses from 1884 in a most delicate champagne dupioni silk!  It was so fun to dress them up in the dresses and watch how they literally changed from ladies of today to prim and proper Victorian ladies!  We even went out to tea!  

Well, this time, I will just be making dresses for Gracie and Lizzie as Mom and I want them to attend an event here in town with us.  These dresses will be Sailor Suit dresses echoing the dresses that I made for Mom and me.  Can't wait to put them on the girls and take them to the Nampa Depot Days!!!

The blue dress on the right is the one I chose to pattern Gracie's after.  I love the look of it and think it will look wonderful on her!  

Material I found for the dress.  Again, a thrift store came to my rescue and yes, I will admit that it is a brand new queen sized flat sheet.  I wanted a blue on blue stripe that would be somewhat like the fashion plate and searched high and low for one that would match.  JoAnn's, Denver Fabrics and Home fabrics were not in a cooperative mood, so when I saw this in Goodwill, I was thrilled!  It is a nice light weight Egyptian Cotton, in perfect condition and will be nice and cool-ish on an August day!  

The patterns I will be using for Gracie's dress.  It is the Truly Victorian 1903 skirt and blouse pattern.  Gracie is now to the age where I don't have to drastically scale down the pattern!!!

The ivory dress on the little lady on the right is the dress I have chosen for Lizzie.  I love the buttons and the blue trim.  I think it echoes nicely Mom's ivory sailor dress.  Not too fond of the collar, so will be making one that is more sailor-ish!

I found this lovely window pain cotton fabric again at a thrift store in the fabrics section.  It is really white, so I am going to back it with an unbleached muslin.  Combined, the two fabrics create the perfect shade of ivory!!

I found this pattern for Lizzie's dress on etsy!!  Love that place.  View "B" is the one I will be using for ZZ's dress.  This is going to be so much fun!

This illustration for girls' skirt length is from the 1860s, but so far as I have seen in later dated fashion plates, it is still used!  Love this handy little thing as I can make the girls' dresses the proper length!  

Well, the kids are going to be hanging out with me for a bit tomorrow, so the fitting of mocks shall begin!  Love having little girls to dress up!


  1. those will be so cute, can't wait to see the finished product

  2. Thank you Liann! I so cannot wait to get them on the girls! They are so fun!

  3. Holy Cow! I have been looking for tone on tone fabric for so long and it never occurred to me to look at sheets. I see them all the time at our local Ross Store, and they're under $15. So maybe the next Edwardian gown will indeed be stripey. :D

  4. Oh yes! Sheets and drapes are some of my favorite fabric finds! Many times they are 100% dupioni silk for the sheets and the sheets are a wonderful feeling cotton! Love them!!!