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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Depofest 2012

Finally the day arrived Saturday!  Mama, Gracie, Lizzie, our wonderful friend Tammy and I got to attend Depotfest, a celebration of the Nampa Depot that was built in 1903.  It is such a beautiful building and the Nampa Historic Society has turned it into a fabulous museum.  Here are a few of the pictures that were taken on our fun day out!!!  The rest you can find here...

China dolls.  Mom made their dresses to match Gracie and Lizzie's.  I wanted to give the appearance that we ladies were embarking on a wonderfully joyous trip on the train and the girls had brought their prized dollies with them!  In many photos of Edwardian girls, I have seen them with their dollies!  Mom did a wonderful job on these!  I was so happy when she showed them to me!

My gorgeous nieces in their sailor suits with their dollies!  Don't they look as though they stepped right out of 1903?  Their faces even have that beautiful Edwardian shape!!  Love them so much!  They had fun and so did I!  When they came out of their room with their dresses on and took hold of their dollies, I was so giddy with delight!!

We four ladies in the dresses I made.  It is at times like this that I think, "Yah....the craziness paid off!"  hahahahahaha!!!  Love my living dolls!

Our wonderful friend Tammy joined us and wore her 1903 dress that just so happened to be navy as well!  We matched perfectly!!  She is so awesome!

Watching the festivities at the Depot.  This particular event was the local Civil War re-enactment ladies and gentlemen.  The re-enact a Union Telegraph office and have a cannon that they fire off!!

In front of the depot getting ready to purchase our tickets to travel to Pocatello to visit Tammy's daughter....that was our story..

My beautiful Lizzie!

My new favorite "back" photo!!!  

The beautiful Gracie showing off her pouter pigeon look!  AWESOME!

Lizzie was such a trooper!  But when she was done, she was done!!

Oh I had such a blast and thankfully the weather was so very lovely!  Only at the end of our time there did we start to get warm.  Can't wait until our next event!!!

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