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Saturday, April 14, 2012

GGP...Getting Started!

As I am not so disciplined in blogging every day, but am getting better at photographing my progress...I am going to share my 1920s dress progression in a couple of posts in one day! can just pretend that I have been being really good and have been blogging on the DAY that I took the photos! It will give you a chance to use your imagination!

So, "today" I made a mock out of bleached muslin for the bodice of the dress. Low and behold, it fit! When I cut the fashion fabric out however, I am going to add an inch in the back just to be on the safe side. I do plan on losing weight, but in the sad case that I don't, I want this dress to be comfy and wearable! I get a kick out of this pattern and what it says, because according to the printing above the instructions, this dress is a "DRESS WITH UNDERBODY, FOR MISSES AND SMALL WOMEN". Um....ok...since it fits me exactly, does this mean that small women back in the 20s were my size? hahahahahahaha!!!

Ok, now fast forward to "tomorrow"....

Right then, today I cut the bodice out of my fashion fabric and let me tell you what, I am not a fan of chiffon! I am sure that it could be compared to sewing cotton candy. It was so fine and shifty! but I persevered and it went together really well. I own two extant 1920s dresses, one in red and one in green, that have a very interesting hem...whoever made them, used a zigzag stitch on most of the hems! How fun! They employed a different thread color so that there was a very lovely contrast to the monochromatic fabric. Since I am using a floral print for the whole dress, I thought that I would do the same thing!


  1. I like it, I think the beading just sets it off nicely too! With some luck I will be able to get going on my dress in a week or so. I have all those pesky loose end projects to finish...but I am making headway. Down to three!

  2. I can't wait to see yours!! I love getting loose ends out of the way! Then you can work on your stuff!! Yeah!