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Friday, February 22, 2013

1863 Dress Project: Skirt Complete!

Well, the skirt has been completed for about a week, but I kept forgetting to post pictures of it!  I am getting sick, so I will blame it on that!  Ha!  It feels so weird wearing this outfit as there is so much to it!  And the bell shape of the skirt and hoops is just so different from anything I have ever worn costuming wise!  

Picture of the inside of the skirt....there is a 12" hem of taffeta!  Whoo!  Usually my hems are 1 - 1.5"!  Again, I love the window pane design of this fabric as it is the perfect measurement for my stitches!!

Completed skirt with tabbed hem.....

I didn't really realize how much the back popped out until I got the skirt on....thank God for that yoke in the back!!

Mom came over the other day and I was playing around with buttons and we decided that the tabs needed buttons to make them look completed!  I like them a lot!!!

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