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Friday, January 18, 2013

About-Face!! 180!! Reverse Direction!!

So...last week I was all excited to get started on my Edwardian "S" Bend corset from Truly Victorian.  I got the mock done, ordered the bones and then the silk.  I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my silk and bones (and still am...), and then I got a call from my dear friend Tammy.  She informed me that one of our events was going to be on March 4th.  Not May something as we had assumed.  Usually this would not be cause for alarm as all of the events we have attended in the past have been in eras where I have scads of outfits, underwear and accessories!  Ha!!!  NOT THIS TIME!!!  Oh no!  This event that is in less than two months is the sesquicentennial of Idaho becoming a territory of the United States.  And what year did Idaho become a territory?  The answer to that would be 1863!  And do I have ANY THING at all for the era 1863?  The answer to that would be a resounding NO!!!  Hence the title of this post!  We are going backward from 1903 to 1863.  Right then.  To planning and then to work!

I have been hitting Pinterest pretty hard and have found some really stunning dresses that I love.  I have found so many that I like but not one that I love all the way around.  Rather, I find aspects of many dresses that I will be combining into mine!  

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to only use fabrics from my stash to make my dresses this year and low and behold, I found fabric to make this outfit!!  (Oh yes, and I must mention my other dear friend Josie, who issued a challenge saying that we only make dresses from our stash....) Huzzah!  I have 10 yards of this fabulous window pane taffeta in acid green.  Black velvet and black velvet ribbon will be used for accents!  The picture doesn't show it, but the taffeta on the bottom is the exact color of the window pane fabric, I will be using that for my corded bonnet!  

I like the shape of this bodice and will probably make the bottom straight across and not pointed...the jury is still out on that.

I will be using the fabulous sleeves from this Simplicity pattern.  And like the pattern, the cuffs will be black velvet.

The skirt on this pattern is fabulous.  I love the pleats of the waist.

Because it is still very cold in Boise in March, I will be making a quilted petticoat.  I purchased this curtain panel a while ago with the idea of making a 1770s petticoat, but since I don't do much 1770s, I will be making a Victorian Petticoat.  While out shopping the other day, my friend Tammy Eliasen, purchased some quilted material and told me she was going to be making a petticoat to help a skirt stand out.  That is when I remembered that the Victorians wore quilted petticoats in winter for warmth.  Thanks Tammy!!

I found a picture of an 1880s Petticoat from the High Desert Museum in Bend, OR on the blog Anna Lena Land.  It is a perfect example for my quilted petticoat.  I like how the top of the petti is make of cotton so that there isn't a lot of bulk at the waist!  It is the green quilted bottom with stripe cotton top in the middle of the page...

Of course I will have to make a hoop skirt.....for this I will be using the Truly Victorian 142 1856 Walking Cage Crinoline.

I will be using this pattern for the over the cage crinoline petticoat.  I think it is so pretty!!!

For the bonnet, I will be using the Butterick 4210 pattern.  More research will be going on to decide how I want the end product to look like!  

So.....lots of new things happening at the beginning of this new year!!  Yeah!!!

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