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Friday, January 18, 2013

1863 Dress for Mom

For Mom's 1863 Dress, I found a dress from the MET that will look fabulous on her!  I also found in our stash fabrics that we can use for it!!  Huzzah!!!

Here it is!  I love the purples and the fact that the bodice and skirt are different shades of purple.  We only have 7 yards of the material for the skirt, so yeah for different materials in one dress!!

The back is really pretty!!

Mom's dress won't have the elliptical shape of this one as the cage crinoline is not elliptical.  

Mom's fabrics are very similar in color to the extant dress...but...the skirt in mom's will be the light purple and the bodice will be the darker wool.

Close up of the texture of the light purple...the colors are wrong, but this gives you an idea of the fabrics!

Can't wait to see this dress complete!!  Mom will look fabulous!


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    1. Oh thank you Val! I think this adventure will be fun!!

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    1. It is a really great dress...alas, Mom won't be making it as there isn't enough fabric...insert VERY sad face here....