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Monday, July 23, 2012

Miss Gracie's Sailor Suit So Far

I had forgotten how fun it was to sew miniature dresses for little ladies!  My niece Gracie is getting a 1903 sailor suit that will resemble mine.  

Here is the inspiration plate.  The little girl on the right on the blue on blue stripe.  Notice the stripe around the collar?  I believe that I am just going to top stitch 3 blue lines instead of a strip of fabric.  

Gracie's dress so far.  I really am liking the blue on blue fabric...which if you will remember came from a new sheet found at Goodwill!!  Huzzah!!!

Side view!  Tomorrow, I get to watch Gracie and Lizzie.  I am going to be fitting the dress to Gracie and re-sizing Lizzie's pattern....This is so much fun!

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