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Sunday, April 22, 2012

1920s Corselet...part 1

                                                                       Met Museum

Ok, so I was searching and searching the internet for patterns for 1920s corselet/girdle patterns and could not find one anywhere!  I loved the look of the above images and wanted to re-create the look in its entirety to the best of my ability!  I was perusing etsy and low and behold, I found it!  Except it wasn't from the was from the 50s.

The pattern is from Mrs. Depew Vintage patterns.  And it is an e.pattern!  I was so excited!  I had Cody print it off for me and got to work on it right away.  I love this pattern and plan on making at least two more.

Here is the fabric that I found.  It is a wonderful vintage silk/cotton brocade in a really lovely off white color. It reminds me of the fabric my Mama used for her wedding gown.  The lining is an off white dupioni silk.

And not being able to find ANY hook and eye tape in the valley here, I had to make my own.  I think I did rather well!


  1. I'd LOVE a tutorial on how you made hook and eye tape! Jomar has some right now in white cotton which can be dyed. Let me know if you want some to come your way!

  2. I will work on that soon. It was rather easy when I got the idea down...would LOVE some white cotton hook and eye tape to find its way to my house!!!!

  3. Did you ever come up with a tutorial for making your own hook and eye tape? I have a bunch of individual hooks and eyes and I would love some pointers on making my own tape.

    1. I did end up making the hook and eye tape, but didn't get around to making the tutorial. I just made a sort of double fold bias tape, with one long side set back from the other side about 1/8". I then sewed the hooks and eyes to separate sides of the tape, hiding the sewing loops in the folds of the tape. It ended up being very time consuming and in my opinion not worth the effort! hahahaha!! was very frustrating. I hope that helps!