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Thursday, February 11, 2016

TBT: Victorian Sporting Outfits

When I first started costuming back in 2003, it was to so I could play along with my parents in the shooting sport known as SASS (Single Action Shooting Society).  Mom and I chose to be proper Victorian ladies and designed our costumes to reflect that.  I tagged along with Mom and Dad to many shoots...Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah were some of the states where these shoots were held.  

Below are some of my very early shooting costumes in the theme of Victorian Sporting.  I have sold or gotten rid of most of these outfits (why did I sell the blue plaid riding habit?  I am so sad!!!!)  Since this coming year I am wanting to make a nice selection of Sporting ensembles, I felt it only fitting that this week's TBT post be about my first round of Victorian Sporting outfits!

Shooting Suit

One sport that ladies were allowed to participate in in the Victorian era was shooting!  How fitting since SASS is ALL about shooting!!  Mom and I planned our outfits to look like we were going out on an English birding hunt!

Aaaaah...I love the 90s and their ridiculously large sleeves!

And there is my Daddy!  Our aliases for SASS were Sweet Violet, Smith n Jones and Marshal's Lady.

Ice Skating Dress

Another sport that ladies participated in was ice skating.  This outfit started out as just a winter suit, but after adding scrap fur from an antique wrap to the jacket and skirt, it became an ice skating outfit.  The bonnet was just a 1950s fur hat that I added brown flowers to and ribbons, then wore it on the back of the head instead of the top.  I wore this outfit to a winter shoot and was standing too close to a burn barrel for warmth when the heat from the barrel started melting the faux fur of the muff...that was fun!

Riding Habit

Sadly, I didn't wear either of these dresses to any shoot...or anywhere for that matter!  I made them, took pictures in them, they hung in my closet, then I sold them!  ACK!!!!!  I want the blue one back!!  Anyway, although I do not ride horses, I do plan on making another riding habit in the future!

VBS:  Victorian Bathing Suit

I made this swimming suit out of many patterns and it was so fun to wear.  When I make another one, it will have more of the traditional, sailor suit-y look to it.

This is me, decked out in my shooting equipment.  Yes, I really did shoot all dressed up and corseted!  Well, not in the VBS, but in my other dresses, I had on all the underwear!

Cycling Dress

This dress was inspired by the cycling dress that Lady Gertrude Chiltern wears in An Ideal Husband.  My friend MeLisa loved the outfit so much that for one "End of Trail" shoot, we decided that we needed to make the outfits!  I don't have a picture of me wearing the whole outfit, which included the black jacket, and my skirt isn't a split skirt like Lady Gertrude's, but I loved how it turned out!  I do still have this outfit, so that's a plus!

Cycling dress inspiration I snagged from the movie.  It is such a fun movie and I LOVE this outfit!!  

 Ok, well back to doing the costuming things for "Guys and Dolls".  I am finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and that makes me so happy!  While I have loved working on this production, I am sorely missing my personal costuming projects and adventures...but I will be back at that very soon!

Have a truly blessed day my friends!



  1. The sleeves on the shooting suit are just AMAZING - love it! And the plaid matching on your blue riding habit is fabulous.

  2. Those sunglasses though, they made my day! Haha! I love posing with random modern stuff sometimes, it makes the pictures so ridiculous!

  3. I love your use of plaid and stripes--all the patterns!

  4. Love the colors in the bathing costume. Absolutely darling!