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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Wire Frame 1863 Bonnet: Covered in Tulle!

Since this bonnet will be relatively "open air", I needed to cover it with tulle as a base to anchor the silk and lace to it.  Happily, JoAnn's had their tulle on sale for $0.70 per yard!  I bought a bunch.  I had to work in many pieces for this bonnet.  Usually, I just cover the whole thing in about 3 layers of tulle, using them as one piece.

I used two layers as I didn't want the tulle to look too ivory. 

The first "layer" was the crown and crown top.  After getting that attached to the wire, I covered the top with a layer of batting to soften the wires.

Next step was to gather strips of the tulle to sew over the brim.

Completed, tulled covering!

Looking front to back....

Looking back to front....

Next stop is covering with the silk and lace.


  1. You are very clever! I never thought of making a bonnet this way.

    1. Thank you Antoinette! It is a very rewarding way to make a hat/bonnet!!