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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Second Bustle Dress Era....How I LOVE THEE!!!!

(Enter a crazed, maniacal laugh here)  Oh Second Bustle Era!!!  I have miiiiiiiiiiissed you so much!!!  I have come home to you after wandering the lonely, scary, and confusing streets of Regency and 1860s!  aaaaaaaahahahahahahaha!!!!  I am so happy to be once again in your loving embrace where I know the lines, curves, nuances of your big bustle and billowy over skirt!  

Ahem.....cough....sorry!  I am just so happy to be back in an arena where I am comfortable and know what I am doing!  For Costume College my friend Josie and I have been paring down what we will be making to wear and instead of our most fabulous Sisters Pratt outfits, (which Josie was going to have to up size an Ageless Pattern for the both of us) we have decided to one day go with a Naval wardrobe.  Well, actually we are going to be going Naval two days, but this day I will be a ship's captain and she will be a most devious Lady Pirate!!  Blast!!!

Le Salon De La Mode August 1884

I came across this most delicious military inspired teal dress a while ago on the Au Fil Du Temps Ebay Store and instantly fell in love!  As happiness would have it, I already had a yardage of the exact same color of dupioni silk in my stash!!!  Laaaaaaa!!!!!  I am not so thrilled with the gold trim as it it reminds me of a local high school's colors, so for my dress, I will have black trim.  I also may make the faux vest black and not green depending on how much green I have...

My luscious dupioni!!  I love this fabric...feels so soft!

Just a shot of the teal with the black!  I love it!

Already have the under skirt completed sans the trim.  I don't have enough fabric for the long pleats that are in between the braid on the bottom of the dress, so I may add strips of velvet ribbon between them...we'll see!!

Next stop!  Over skirt!!!


  1. Ooohhhhh!!! That is going to be so pretty! I love your fabric color choice. I have recently made my first bustle and have yet to make the dress. They seemed a bit overwhelming what with the shape and all but I decided I wanted one anyway and am with you now. I love that era! Looking forward to the complete outfit.

    1. Oooooh how exciting! I can't wait to see your dress! Don't be overwhelmed!!! Just take it slow and follow the directions on the pattern and you will have it! I find that it is so much easier to make than most other eras....probably because I have made so many. I am just so in love with that era!! Laaaaaa!!!

  2. Wow, it is going to be so amazing!