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Friday, April 12, 2013

Pink 1920s Ensemble

I love pink.  I really do.  It is so girly and pretty and just fun.  And of course it reminds me of cotton candy...I LOVE cotton candy!  I was told when I was younger that a red head couldn't wear pink because it would clash with my hair.  Then I grew up and discovered that while yes there are shades of pink that cause me to look like a person trying to recover from death, there are shades that actually look good on me!  

It was with this ideal in mind that I purchased many yards of embroidered net fabric at JoAnn's a few years back.  It was on sale on sale and just screamed my name.  "I don't have anything in mind for you now", I told the lovely netted fabric.  "That's ok!  I am gorgeous and lovely and just the right shade for your pale, freckled face and auburn hair", the alluring fabric whispered back to me.  So, I did what any sane costumer would do.  I bought the whole bold.  Thankfully, there was only 6 yards left on it.

My lovely embroidered net fabric has been sitting in my stash for about 4 years waiting the time when it would be called forth into action, and I believe that time is now.  The 2nd annual Great Gatsby picnic is this June and I think that a nice pink frock is just the thing to be made and worn for said event.  I have done my research and have found several instances of lace and pink and frothy funness and here a couple of inspirations....

I love the handkerchief hem of this chiffony concoction!  The buttons on the cummerbund waist are so sweet! 

When I saw this pink Coco Chanel dress while perusing Pinterest one day, my choice to use the pink netting was totally cemented. This dress is fabulous!!

"Dress, 1925
Crystal beads on lace, silk ribbon
Gabrielle Chanel, French, 1883-1971
Gift of Mrs. Wesson Seyburn  1968.c.648"

Pink dress fabrics....Don't know what I'll do with the ivory spider web just looks really pretty with the rest of the fabrics...

Now to decide what pattern I shall use...

Found it!!!

Simplicity 7056.....perfect to achieve the combined look of both of the dresses above!  Ooooooh!  Now I m getting excited!!

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