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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

1863 Underwear: Chemise

Aaaahhhh...the chemise!  I love chemises!  Oh who am I kidding?  I LOVE all the Victorian underwear!  Such lovely whites (and sometimes other colors), softness, lace, tucks, frills....they just cause me to be happy!  For my 1863 chemise I chose the Simplicity 7215 pattern (hopefully I will be making the pink corset that also comes with this pattern....).  Again through research, this pattern looked very much like extant chemises from the 1860s!  

Finished chemise.  Sweet puff sleeves and fullness makes it really nice to wear.

Evil under arm gussets.  Ok, so this part of the chemise took quite a time.  I just really had to take my time and read, read, and re-read the instructions.  Thank God for the pictures that Simplicity puts on their instruction pages!!!  These gussets, while a pain in the rear, make for a very nice range of motion.  No binding, pinching or hick ups when lifting my arm!  Huzzah!!!

All in all this pattern was a nice one.  As I said above, it took quite a while inserting the underarm gussets, but that was the only real issue I had with this pattern!!!

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