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Friday, February 8, 2013

1863 Dress Project

I have my fabric for my 1863 dress all picked out, and happily, it came from my stash!  Huzzah!!!  I love it when that happens.  I love the color and the window paney-ness of it!  From the beginning of this project, I have really been struggling with how to trim put this dress.  Then the other day while perusing Pinterest, I found this fabulous fashion plate from Cendrillon...a French fashion plate.  I adore tabs and this one just screamed for me to us its elements on my dress.  At first I thought the white dress's canted tabs would be fun to make then realized that it would look way too busy with my fabric.  But the tabs along the hem of the purple one jumped out at me.  I also really like the tabs on the bodice of the peach and red dress.  So, I went upstairs, got out my "project I am currently working on" box and pulled out my fabric and trim and began to play.....

"October Fashions, 1864 France, Cendrillon"
Fashion plate from Old Rags Tumblr

What I eventually decided on.  The tabs will be made of black velvet ribbon surrounded by black soutache.  Thinking about the trim during my husband's 41st Birthday party, I thought that it would look extra neat if I included a 2" band of black velvet along the hem of the skirt.  I sooooooooo cannot wait to start on this!  Although I think my fingers are dreading it......sorry friends!

The massive roll of black velvet ribbon that my fabulous friend Josie gave me!!  Don't know how much will be left after I'm done trimming my dress!  


  1. I Think we have a quite similar Taste :D
    The velvet ans soutache combination was my first intention vor my blue crinoline as well... but then Idicided to lave the soutache and make buttons for the Tabs

  2. Ha!!! That is fabulous!! and seriously similar....I was thinking about putting buttons on my tabs too! Great minds think alike!

    I will have to go and check out your dress!

  3. Yay!! I am so happy the velvet is going to be used for such a beautiful project! It is looking wonderful!! LOVE IT!!

  4. Oh yes...I LOVE the velvet! And I have quite a bit I have to think of something else to use it on!!!