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Friday, January 11, 2013

Thrift Store Score!!!

Well,  yesterday, I worked on the Edwardian "S" bend corset mock and decided that it was too short and so I didn't take any pictures of it.  I'll work on it this weekend or next week.  

Today, I decided to get out and do some thrifting.  It has been snowing like crazy here and I have kept to my warm home avoiding the people who do not know how to drive in snow.  But, cabin fever took hold of me and I needed to get out today.  I tried JoAnn's as I had a nice 50% off coupon and their red tag fabrics are 50% off, but there was nothing there that was screaming to be purchased.  My thrift stores however, were a different story!!!

One of my favorite finds today were these two super cool balsa wood round cases!!  They say "HP Invent". They are about 16" long and the diameter is about 4".  I am thinking I will drill holes in either end and attach leather straps to it to make lovely flower specimen holders out of them!  My dream is to make a 
Victorian Naturalist outfit one of these days! 

Next came the handmade souvenir photo album on the left.  I have included the previous 2 photo albums that I also got at thrift stores.  the one I got today measures about 8 x 9.  These are going to be used as floral specimen albums.  The Victorians were notorious for pressing flowers and pasting them into books.  These sweet books are hand made out of natural products so will be perfect!

Here they are stacked up.  I like the sticks that are used for decoration on the binding...

A view of the inside of the smallest book.  Handmade paper and a protector sheet will be perfect to display my pressed flowers!

I am always on the look out for vintage looking shoes and today I found these!  They are larger than what I wear, but after adding my gel sole inserts and padding the toes with toilet paper (hahahaha!!!) they will be perfect!!

These black "granny" boots fit perfectly.  The heel is a perfect King Loius heel!!

And here is the best find of the day!!  A near perfect condition Persian Lamb coat.  I am really wanting to turn this into a hand muff, stole, hat combo for winter.  My Mama has a suite and I adore it.  Now I think I can have one as well!!!  The collar is perfectly shaped for the stole and there is so much of the fur that I can also make removable collars and cuffs for Greg's wool coat!!

I feel pretty good about today's finds!  I always feel that more than half the fun is the hunt and today's hunt was stellar!!

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