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Friday, November 16, 2012

Mom's Navy Winter Wool Suit

So, I have been drooling over this fabulous navy wool suit for quite some time and thought that it would be a perfect outfit for my Mama as she LOVES the color blue.  Well, winter is finally here and there will be some events that we will be attending out of doors so I will be making this for Mama!  Here is the Abiti site where the original dress can be found

I just adore everything about this dress!  The color, the soutache, the combination of textures!!  It is total eye candy!!!

Simply gorgeous!!!

Fun details!!!

Some of the items I have collected for the suit.  I will be cutting the little circles apart to use for the circles on the dress.

The original soutache trim (on the left) was having issues with keeping itself together, so I decided to re-create it from new materials (right).  These only took about 4 hours a piece to make.  I had to make 3....grrrrr....

Again, I will be using the Rockinghorse Farm Pattern...

Now off to get this dress started!

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