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Friday, July 27, 2012

Wire Frame Hat How To...Part 3

This post contains the wire frame hats that I have made up to now.  Some of them turned out really well, one not so much.  But as they say, the more you practice, the better you get!  

Here is my first attempt at a wire frame hat.  I found a most delicious hat in the LACMA book, "Fashioning Fashion" and totally lusted over it.  I thought and thought about how I could make it and what the steps involved would be to make this hat become reality!  The very day my sweet husband bought the book for me, I cloistered myself in my bedroom and 4 hours later, I had the wire frame complete!

Original LACMA bonnet

The back of mine turned out being a bit flat, but still I was quite happy with it!  I still need to find some square buckles for the bows.....

Back of LACMA bonnet.

My third bonnet.  (We are not even going to talk about the second sucked.)  This one is a NFE bonnet.  

It sits on the back of the head...

An 1884 forward perching hat

Side view...

I recycled the frame of the eggplant hat above to make this black hat...I love the way the velvet gathers around the brim....

Hopefully you can see the "wave" in the back.  Here is a great example of how you can manipulate the wire to do your bidding!!!  Bwahahahahaha

My newest wire frame hat.  A huge Edwardian toque for my Mama's 1903 Sailor Suit.

See how the brim can be bowed out?  That is what is so lovely about wire.  It can arc in whatever way you wish it!

Underside of the 1903 toque. 

Next up?  Getting started with the wiring! 

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